A general misconception about hookah smoking is that it will get you high. Shisha tobacco will not make you high but however, does contain nicotine. Blonde leaf tobacco, like Shishawa’s, has 0.05% nicotine content and is not known for giving a nicotine buzz. It is mainly smoked to enjoy the flavor and relax.

Shisha is a uniquely social activity that can often be seen at celebratory events and special occasions, where Familyily members and friends smoke hookah to socialize and unwind. In various cultures, offering a hookah pipe to a guest is considered good hospitality, and a sign of respect much like it was hundreds of years ago by Middle Easter kings and sheiks.

That about sums it up. Shisha tobacco is a great pastime for adults to enjoy together with friends and Familyily, and with this blog, we hope we’ve hopefully provided you with sufficient knowledge to boast about to your friends at your next hookah get-together. Thank you all for taking a deeper dive and learning more about what hookah tobacco is!