Hello Shishawa Family and welcome back to our monthly series designed to reinvigorate your love for all things Shishawa. This month we are proud to introduce your new summer night obsession – Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor. Think of this as a mix of every great hookah session you’ve had all rolled up into one unique hookah flavor you won’t find anywhere else. With highlights of true red apple and tantalizing mint paired with notes of strawberry, orange, and kiwi, this is anything but your ordinary Fakhfakhina fruit mix. Just one puff of this fruity and mint blend will have you calling it by name!

Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor Drink Pairings

With Fakh N’ Mint, finding a signature drink to pair it with is as simple as breaking out your go-to beverage to have with your sesh. Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor was formulated specially to blend with everything you can possibly throw at it and welcome all but here are some of our favorites that highlight everything found in the flavor:

Apple Whisky Old Fashioned – This drink may be a bit old school but it’ll be a hit at your throwback parties! After a few of these alongside Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor, you’ll see why this is our number one choice to pair with it. Not it on the Fakh N bowl re-pack though.

Citrusy Chai Tea – Whether you are spicing this one up with a shot of peppermint schnapps or going with fresh mint leaves, this earthy and citrus-rich blend will bring the best out of Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor time and time again.

Apple Sangria – Although a dark red or bright white wine can pair perfectly with Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor, a full-fledged Apple Sangria will transcend the night to new heights. Stick with red apple varieties and don’t be afraid to add some grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, or allspice. Get weird.

Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor Food Pairings

Snacking on some apple chips and fruit trays isn’t doing Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor justice. To truly get the most out of this flavor and your session, your coals shouldn’t be the only thing coming from the grill:

Glazed pork and grilled apples – Pork and apples go together just as well as Fakhfakhina and Mint and this simple dish will have you known as not only the hookah master but the grill master just the same.

Spinach and Apple Salad with Maple Cider Dressing – Tangy, sweet, and light on the palette, this dish is perfect to wow your friends at your next summer get-together. For this pairing skip the oven and opt for smoking the pecans, apples, and onions on the grill for the best results.

Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor Shisha Tobacco Mixes

When it comes down to mixing, Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor is a powerhouse. Between all the fruity and minty highlights, you can throw virtually anything at it and have an outstanding session from start to finish. Here are just some of the key mixes that have kept us repacking all night:

  • 50/50 Mint with Lemon Mint
  • 50/50 Mint with Citrus Mint
  • 75/25 Mint with Nectarine

Thanks for stopping by the blog! If you have a Mazaya Ice Lemon with Mint Flavor pairing or mix the world needs to know about tag us @Shishawa for a feature on the page.

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