Purchasing and Shipping Policy

  • Is it legal to purchase tobacco online?

Buying tobacco online for personal use is legal in some countries, Other countries limit the tobacco quantity for personal use, In other words, some countries restrict purchasing the tobacco. 

it is a buyer responsibility to know the allowed limit in his country, don’t exceed the tobacco limit that is allowed in your country 

  • We have successfully shipped to the following courtiers without any problems 
  1. United States 
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada  
  4. Ireland 
  5. Saudi Arabia  (2 Kg every 3 months see this, additional fees may apply upon pick up) 
  6. Italy ( 1 kg per address ), ( delay is Expected during Covid-19) 
  7. United Arab Emirates
  8. Belgium ( 1KG per address ) 
  9. Netherlands ( 1 Kg per address ) 
  10. Russia ( shipping is not available nowadays due to covid-19 ) 
  11. Latvia ( Shipping is not available nowadays due to covid-19 )
  12. Lithuania ( Shipping is not available nowadays due to covid-19 )
  13. China
  14. Laos 
  15. South Korea
  16. Japan ( 1 Kg per address ) 
  17. Austria 
  18. Poland
  19. Spain
  20. Greece
  21. Germany ( 1 Kg per address ) 
  22. Hungary
  23. Czechia
  24. Portugal
  25. Bulgaria
  26. Sweden ( 1 KG per address ) 
  27. Romania
  28. Slovakia
  29. Slovenia
  30. Philippines
  31. Qatar
  32. France
  33. Thailand 
  34. Israel ( Shipping is not available nowadays due to covid-19 )
  35. Moldavia ( Shipping is not available nowadays due to covid-19 )
  • Shipping to the following countries is restricted and additional taxes and customs may apply  
  1. Turki
  2. Israel
  3. Norway
  4. Finland 
  5. Saudi Arabia
  • Other countries 

we don’t have info about other countries, we still can ship worldwide but under buyer responsibility 


All items on this website were come from the original manufacturer, providing a genuine item is our responsibility, we can provide the original invoices from manufactures if needed.

Expiry dates 

Shipping fresh items are our responsibility as well, as known the tobacco products have a shelf life ( it may be 1 year or 2 years, based on the brand ), our policy is to ship items that have at least 1/2 period of shelf life.

we accept returns if the customer doesn’t like the purchased item , see the return policy 

  • 1. Shipping information buyer is responsible for the provided date or info such as ( first name, second name, address, phone number ), NARGILA4U is not responsible for any incorrect info and we can’t change any information after Shipping.2. Sending a gift to friendsin some cases a customer may like to send the purchased item to a friend as a gift, Our website doesn’t have any problem with that but the customer must inform the receiver and has his pre-approval For that, and the buyer is responsible for that, correct info is customer responsibility.3. Paypal Address.

    before using PayPal for purchasing, making sure that the PayPal address is identical to the saved address on this website, we only use the address you saved on this website. 

    If your PayPal address doesn’t match your address on this website your order may be canceled or delayed 

    • economy shipping service process 
    1. We offer the economy shipping service worldwide Free (except Australia)
    2. Tracking number will be provided with each order but the tracking doesn’t show the full shipping process route ( it shows the shipping process in sender country “Jordan”, and in last destination ” buyer country “.
    3. we need 3-5 days for handling
    4. The tracking will be available online for tracking in 2-3 days after shipping
    5. All-economy shipping services will be shipped through Jordan post
    6. The provided tracking may be tracked by the Jordan post website or here 
    7. The item value will be 10-15 USD regardless of the actual item  price
    8. All items will be sent as gifts.

We offer paid expiated service, this service is not free and it goes with weight, we select the best available service based on the country, tracking number and carrier will be provided

All taxes, shipping fees, inspection fees, and other taxes  IN JORDAN Be paid by us, and we are responsible only for any fees in Jordan only until the item is dispatched abroad.

All taxes, VAT, Customs fees, and other fees in buyer country are buyer responsibility, asking about the taxes in buyer country is buyer responsibility.

we will not refund any rejected item due to tax or fees unless its returned back to us see the return and refund policy part

Please note that do our best to help buyers to receive the item as following 

  1. we don’t write tobacco on the shipment, we only write flavor.
  2. we send all items as gifts.
  3. the item value on the shipments will be 15 USD only.

But as described above, all taxes that may be applied in buyer country are the buyer responsibility